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I am 25 years old, I teach first grade at Albany Elementary. I live in Clinton Co., Kentucky. My father, David G. York, is a retired history teacher. Dad is now 53. His parents passed away when he was a teenager.

My grandmother (Docia McWhorter York) was raised in an area on the Clinton / Russell County line. It was the community of Indian Creek. It wasn't far from Rowena Landing (maybe 5 miles at the most from their residence). When the Wolf Creek Dam was built life on Indian Creek ended. The community is now under a water and completely forgotten by many. Rowena was (and still is) the name of a community in Russell County. Before the dam was built a post office was located in the community as well.

Here are two websites that can tell you more about the dam:

Rowena would bring supplies and goods to Indian Creek where it was picked up and distributed local stores. The Rowena would stop near Creelsboro . The goods were hauled to the town by mule and wagon. On your webpage you have a picture of the Rowena seen from the Rock House .

There are two places where you can find more information. One is the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park (Russell County, Kentucky). They have a small exhibit on the history of the lake and river. There was a few things there about the steamboat. My father also said that there is a place in Burkesville, Kentucky that is located at city park that has a lot of information on the Rowena. Dad visited the museum last summer and he said that there was probably 50 pictures and some information on the steamboat in the museum. The Women's Club of Cumberland County take care of the small museum. You may want to call the chamber of commerce in Burkesville to find out more.

If you come to Kentucky all of the places I mentioned are about an hour and a half or less from Burnside, Kentucky. It is all very easy to locate.

My dad has an old article from a newspaper about the steamboat Rowena and a picture of the steamboat. He has the article in storage so it may be a while before he can find it. I'll try to send you everything that he has.

I hope I have helped some way.